Why Only VCGC


Apart from regular classes, students at VCGC get a lot of facilities.


There is a regular doubts clearing classes at VCGC,where students can approach the teacher directly for any type of query & doubt. This cell helps all category students especially weak students who required personal attention. This cell is very helpful fo those students who hesitate in asking their personal attention.This cell is very helpful for those students who hesitate in asking their problems in classroom in front of all the studnts and also helps in recovering the syllabus of absent classes.


One of the strongest part of VCGC is its wekk managed & quality based study material. This study material covers well defined notes, practicing exercises and many more useful contents related to board as well as competitive exams. The study material of VCGC in so accurate that the students can challenge any type of exam. This type of collection of material helps students to clear their all doubts with related topic and also helps them in providing a stong foundation.


One of the strongest part of VCGC is its exam schedule.We organize weekly test to calculate student's study status periodically. This examination pattern is based on latest curriculum of S


Results of regular tests which have been taken time to time are declared on our wevsite http//:www.vineetcoachings.com in the first week of next month. A final Report Card along with all answer sheets of each month's session is also send to parents to know their wards status.


VCGC is the only institute where personal care of students are taken. We have the installation of smart campus. studnts activities are monitored by CCTV surveillance. The discipline environment at VCGC keep the students away from any uncocial activity. Parents get the information regularly about their wards for being late and absents in the Coaching Classes.


Parents at VCGC can meet the teachers regularly by taking an appointment to discuss the progress of their wards, Teachers in such meetings treat the students psychologically, and counsel them so that their hesitations can be removed and they can be motivated to excel in studies.

Best And Stable Faculty

Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre stands proud on a very strong pool of well-qualified, experienced, dedicated and hardworking professionals who are passionate for teaching.

Student Oriented System

Each and every student is considered as an important asset to the institution and we prepare them for life by developing in them - an analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence.

Courses For Competitive World

Our courses are comprehensive yet simple-to match the potent of the students and are ever evolving to match the changing patterns of the competitive examinations.

Positive Environment

The ultimate learning in the students is much influenced by the surroundings they live in. To make learning all the more effective and long lasting, we infuse the environment with positivity; the students thus treat positivity as their companion.

Indiscriminate Teaching

Irrespective of the performance, potential and efficiency of the students, Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre governs a disciplined and unique system of teaching; keeping in mind - every child is unique.

Most Trusted Institute

Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre has proven track records and acts as motivating force for students.