About VCGC

VCGC was created in 2008 by the vision and toil of Mr. Vineet Sharma, a Post Gratuated in Mathematics from Kanpur. We had a very humble beginning as a forum for Foundation Classes with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for better future. Along the way to the realisation of this vision, we went beyond merely a tuition centre. We actually started to make a difference in the way Students think and approach problems. We started to develop ways to enhance Students' IQ. We started to leave an indelible mark on the Students who have undergone VCGC training. We started changing lives. And all of this was not a sheer coincidence. It was the urge, the compelling desire, to always aspire for perfection and in the process, continuously keep on setting newer benchmarks of excellence, which enabled us and our Students to achieve what we have achieved. Today, aiming for the unachievable and continuously raising the bar has become a part of the VCGC DNA.

The Success of our Students was inspiring and so was their faith in VCGC. It was this faith that was a catalyst for our venturing into areas beyond Foundation Classes. It was this faith that prompted us to embark on a mission to provide coaching classes for JEE & NEET for the students of classes XI & XII. And it was this faith only that again enabled us to create a landmark success in NTSE/Olympiads and in AMU Entrances. After a successful decade at Ramghat Road region, we have launched VCGC City Branch at Khirni Gate in 2018 which was a concentrated effort in that direction, where Students of Agra road region could also get the same guidance to pave path for their future.

We at VCGC strive to instil the values of Truth, Transparency & Commitment along with Dedication & Sincerity among our Students. These values and virtues play a pivotal role in attaining success in all vistas of life, be it becoming an Entrepreneur, an Administrator, a Follower, a Spiritual Guru or a Politician. Reared with these traits, it is but natural that we not only produce highly successful Students but also good Sons, good Daughters, good Future Fathers & Mothers and good Citizens.