How VCGC Helped Me Achieve My Dream- Shrinkhala Awasthi Class X Topper

  By : Priya C   05/11/2019

Shrinkhala Awasthi, a classroom student of VCGC, topped CBSE Board Examination with her hard work and extreme devotion. By doing this, she left her legacy behind and became an inspiration to her juniors. Shrinkhala joined hands with VCGC in the year 2017 with a dream to qualify board examinations with flying colors. Let’s read further to find out how Vineet Coaching’s (VCGC) helped her in accomplishing her dream.

Shrinkhala's Words

I have always believed that success comes to those who crave for it but, In addition to, I also believe that one needs the right strategic action in the right direction to fully achieve the goal and in taking the correct strategic actions VCGC helped me. When I joined Vineet Coaching (VCGC) my foremost goal was to clear my basics. However, the study package provided by VCGC helped me clearing my basics as it covered NCERT Syllabus and additional important topics that have been tested in many examinations and, it truly changed my journey. With that, I have found the faculty at VCGC quite experienced within my one year journey they have kept me motivated, helped me wherever I needed. Further, the doubt clearing cell (DCC) at VCGC was really helpful as it helped me figure out the areas I was weak in and improve them. Gradually, after attempting multiple tests, I realized that I am near to chase my ultimate dream of becoming the topper of the 10th CBSE Examination and I achieved my dream by scoring 97.6 percent in my 10th Board examination. I owe my success to my parents and VCGC for helping me achieve my dreams. Thank you

VCGC on Shrinkhala

Vineet Coaching is incredibly proud of Shrinkhala Awasthi. All her hard work has successfully paid off. Adding, It feels immense pleasure to announce that our student, Shrinkhala secured 100/100 marks in two subjects- English &, Mathematics and, 95 plus in other subjects. We wish her good luck for her future.