10TH 2019-20

The admission at VCGC is given after qualifying admission test. It is compulsory to score at least 33% of marks. The test will be based upon the basic knowledge of previous class. The question paper will consist of a total of 50 questions of mathematics, science & mental ability
2 Hrs. a day six days a week (Sunday is Week off)
Preparation of School/Board Examinations cum NTSE/NSE-JSO and other Olympiads like NSTSE/IMO/NSO along with IIT/NEET Foundation & Making Strong Foundation for Higher Classes.
Maths, Science(PCB), SST, & Mental Ability(Reasoning)
11 Months (From Monday, 01st of April, 2019 to 29th of February, 2020)

NOTE: During Half Yearly Examination regular classes will be suspended whereas doubts clearing classes will remain available.


22 days summer vacation from 9th of June, 2019 to 30th of July, 2019) & No winter vacations

40 (1 Batch of 30 VCGC ineternal Students & 10 new studends)
Mathematics Physucs Chemistry Biology SST Reasoning
Mr. Devashish Das Gupta, Mr. Rohit Sharma, Mr. Vaibhav Thakur, Mr. Sunil Dutt Sharma, Mr. Bhasker Varshney, Mr. Santosh Kumar Pandey, Mr. Vineet Sharma, Mr. S. P. Singh Mr. Devashish Das Gupta, Mr. Satyam Upadhyay, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey, Mr, Vaibhav Thakur, Mr. Rohit Sharma, Mr. Vineet Sharma, Mr. S. P. Singh Mr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey, Mr. Abdul Rab, Mr. Rohit Sharma, Mr. Vaibhav Thakur, Mr. Vineet Sharma, Mr. S. P. Singh Mr.Rakesh Pandey, Mr. Faisal Rasheed, Mr. A.K. Sharma, Dr. M.A. Khan Mr. Pranay Kant Garg, Mrs. Dinesh Sharma Mr. Deshbandhu Gautam, Mr. Sunil Dutt Sharma
Academic Curriculum

1) The whole session is divided into six small sessions:

Name of Session Duration Academic Description
First Sessional Month 01 st of April to 08 th of June, 2019 Beginning of the session with the basics & concerning the first periodic assessment of schools.
TEST: Tests of each subjects in last week of April & May’2019
PTM: Between 05/06/2019 to 09/06/2019
Second Sessional Month 01 st of July to 31st of July, 2019 After the assessment of first session, shuffling of batches as per the necessity to improve the performance of the students.
TEST: Routine assessment Test throughout July Month
Third Sessional Month 01st of Aug to 10th of Sept., 2019 Completion of Half yearly syllabus followed by revision
TEST: Pre-Half Yearly Examinations
PTM: In the first week of September, 2019
Zero Session 10th of Sept. to 30th of Sept. 2019 Half Yearly Exam Time (OPEN DCC)
Fourth Sessional Month 01st of Oct to 31st of Oct. 2019 As per the performance till half yearly session, final shuffling is done by keeping the concern of personal attention.
TEST: Tests of each subjects in last week of Oct’2019
Fifth Sessional Month 01st of Nov to 15th of Dec 2019 Completion of the whole syllabus TEST: Tests of each subjects in last week of Nov’2019
PTM: Between 10th of Dec to 15th of Dec, 2019
Sixth Sessional Month 16th of Dec to 10th of Feb 2020 Systematic Revision of whole syllabus along with weekly revision test followed by pre-annual examinations
PTM: In the last week of January, 2019
Zero Session 10th of Feb. 2020 onwards till final examination (OPEN DCC)

NOTE: VCGC reserves the right to change the schedule of the academic curriculum as per the circumstances.

   a) Showing of copies within the week.
   b) Updating of result after showing copies on website to aware and inform the parents.
   c) Handing over the performance report along with report cards of Regular Test after the completion of sessional month along with all test copies.
2) Strong Foundation Study material.
3) Doubts Clearing Cell (DCC) Facility.
4) Library Facility.
5) Special Care & Personal attention: Regular Monitoring in terms of taking attendance and enquiring for being absent or late.[ NOTE: If this is from your side, to be informed via Application or phone call on 8923803150].
6) Regular parents meeting and Counseling on the basis of appointment.

ADVANCE(FOUNDATION) COURSE {Maths, Science(PCB), SST, & Mental Ability(Reasoning)}
TUITION FEES: Rs. 33,000.00 -
SGST@9%: Rs. 3,600.00 NON-REFUNDABLE
TOTAL FEES: Rs. 47,200.00 -
ONE TIME PAYMENT (Rs.700 Fee Concession) Rs. 46,500.00 At the time of Admission
INSTALLMENTS Fee (Including GST) CGST@9% SGST@9% TOTAL FEES(Including GST) Post Dated Cheques (PDC) to be made of dates (& submitted at the time of admission with registration form)
1st Rs. 18,000.00 Rs. 1,620.00 Rs. 1,620.00 Rs. 21,240.00 At the time of Admission
2nd Rs. 11,000.00 Rs. 990.00 Rs. 990.00 Rs. 12,980.00 1st of JULY, 2019
3rd Rs. 11,000.00 Rs. 990.00 Rs. 990.00 Rs. 12,980.00 1st of OCT, 2019

Registration cum Annual fees includes the expenses of DCC Facility, study materials, examination fees, Uniform (Summer / Winter), website facility, SMS facility, A.C. Classrooms, building rent, electricity generator(power backup), library facility, furniture expenses, maintenance etc.
All the instalments are to be paid at the time of admission in form of post dated cheques (PDC) along will the registration fee/admission fee/first instalment.
Fees can be paid via cash, cheque, electronic medium or Demand Draft (to be made in favour of Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre, Payable at Aligarh)
In case of dishonouring /bouncing of cheques the deducted bank charges along with Rs. 100 as penalty shall be born from the parents.
The 10th day of instalment month is the last date of fee submission. In case of failure, penalty of Rs 50/- per day is to be charged.


a) Test Marks are also sent to the parent’s registered mobile numbers via SMS.

b) Student’s performance can also be monitored through website / mobile app.

c) In PTMs’ the complete analysis reports of the Students’ performance are handed over to the parents. Study package / Practice Sheets are provided regularly.

d) Doubts Clearing Cell (DCC) Facility.

e) Library Facility

If any student withdraws or exempted from his/her admission, then Annual Fees & Taxes will not be refunded. Only the tuition fees after deducting the fees of number of months studied will be refunded.

1.A. Top 20 students of VTRE-2019/ of Class IX to X moving (Vineet Talent Reward Exam) will get fee waiver up to Rs. 1,00,000/-.
1.B. . On the basis of performance in the admission cum scholarship test, the students get the study scholarship as follow
i) For obtaining marks b/w 90% to 100%- 50% Tuition Fee Waivers
ii)For obtaining marks b/w 80% to 90%- 40% Tuition Fee Waivers
iii)For obtaining marks b/w 70% to 80%- 30% Tuition Fee Waivers
iv)For obtaining marks b/w 60% to 70%- 20% Tuition Fee Waivers
v)For obtaining marks b/w 50% to 60%- 10% Tuition Fee Waivers
vi)No Scholarship for marks below 50%
1.C.. In case of One Time Payment, Rs. 700 is waived
1.D. 5% tuition fee concession (Worth Rs. 1650/-) in case of two or more children from same family studying in regular classes.
1.E. . 5% tuition fee concession (Worth Rs. 1650/-) for the students secured 80% + marks in previous class.
1.E. 10% tuition fee concession (Worth Rs. 3300/-) for the students who secured 90% + marks in previous class.
NOTE: All the concessions are to be applied in last instalment only. A student cannot claim concession on more than one criteria.


Special Care & Personal attention: Regular Monitoring in terms of taking attendance and enquiring for being absent or late. [NOTE: In case of emergency leave application or phone call on 8923803150 is required].
Urgent meeting regarding ward’s performance can be arranged as per requirement.
We have dress code (winter / summer) & I – card system to maintain discipline & for smooth monitoring of system.
Class rooms are equipped with AC’s to make favorable conditions for studies.
Students are served RO filter water.
Any change/information is always intimated through SMS.
All details of your ward (including attendance, accounts and performance) is also uploaded/made available on website.
Facility of smart class for description of Science Practical and in the required subject.
Security/Monitoring of system via CCTV surveillance.